1. Book sharing, review and study circle

Through our book sharing and study circles we plan to create a reading culture engaged in the study of political economy of Swaziland, (alternative) history of the country and to problematise the business as usual form of development in Swaziland. Ultimately, we aim to connect political transformation to the renewal and renaissance of. Through our book club and study circles we want to explore and surface alternatives modes of development, engage on the nuances of democracy and to deepen discussions about social, cultural, economic and human rights for the country and continent.

2. Ulibambe Lingashoni annual lecture

Ulibambe Lingashoni Annual lecture is a commemorative event meant to celebrate and to keep alive the intellectual legacy of Dr Ambrose Zwane. It is held annually and delivered by different speakers as a way of deepening engagements about contemporary issues in Swaziland. It is, in the final analysis, the ultimate battle of ideas where ‘letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.’

3. SIAI symposium

The SIAI conference brings together academics, policy analysts, activists and international solidarity partners under one roof to debate about issues in the country. This conference plans to bridge the divide between academic work and activism so that there is a mutual beneficial relationship between academic and political activism. The conference shall also be a platform to present papers that have been published on various subjects by SIAI

4. SIAI Cadreship Assembly

SIAI cadreship Assembly will run series of political schools on Swaziland history, political economy, Africa, globilisation, capitalism etc as a way to consolidate the and give direction to the study groups. The political schools shall be open to all activists who have at least finished the books and written reviews at the study groups.

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