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eSwatini Institute of Alternative Ideas (SIAI)

• eSwatini Institute of Alternative Ideas (SIAI) is an independent platform for a healthy exchange of ideas about the developmental, political, social and economic challenges facing eSwatini. The organisation aims to promote alternative ideas on transformation of eSwatini from an absolute monarchy to a democratic country.

• SIAI aims to provide space for analysis of trends, issues and social processes in eSwatini with the aim of ultimately being a hub for research, alternative history, political analysis as well as education for activists, scholars and policy makers who have an interest in contemporary eSwatini.

• SIAI shall, however, pay particular attention to the political economy of inequality, exploitation, oppression and to organise struggles against them, whether these inequities are driven by global forces or local ones like class, race, ethnicity and gender. It also aims to provide a critical analysis of the nature of power and the state in eSwatini in the context of capitalist globalisation and absolute rule.

• Through its journal, SIAI aims to counter the neo-liberal dogma in the analysis of eSwatini’s contemporary challenges and to provide a third way in the struggle for political transformation in the country.

• SIAI will create the biggest archive that documents the history of resistance and struggles against royal domination and conquest. The archives shall provide alternative history of the country with the aim of surfacing the heroes and heroines of the country who are not acknowledged in official history books.

• SIAI aims to provide the link between academic research/analysis with the organised mass movements to enable a mutually beneficial relationships in the course of shaping the country’s future. Through our online platforms we aim to keep the struggles for racial, gender and economic equality at the centre of our focus.

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