I am sure by the time you read this letter you have already heard about the recent appointment of Prince Lindani and Sicalo to the positions of Director of Economic Affairs in the King’s Office and Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defence respectively.

To say those appointments were shocking would be an understatement. At a more insidious level, these appointments smack of ‘nitongentani’. This makes us sick to the stomach.

It is the ultimate slap in the face to the many unemployed Swazis who have to bribe, have sex and kiss people’s asses just to get a job. Even his own family members from letinye tindlu are struggling with jobs and opportunities but Mswati now wants to keep it within his own immediate family. Screw everyone else!

Meanwhile, King Mswati’s children draw salaries for jobs they never do.  Sikhanyiso, for example, is a police officer, sits at the board of MTN and also member of Liqoqo and Minister.

In all these positions she gets paid. She has never been to any single police station yet she draws a salary as an officer.  If at all you have to give your children something, why hoard everything though?

Prince Sicalo already sits as a member of Central Bank and looking at the other board members you even wonder what he says in those meetings. Does he even talk and what do the rest even think to have him around?

Added to this is that both Prince Lindani and Sicalo are high ranking soldiers whose positioning in the two recent portfolios spells disaster for the future stability of this country.

By parachuting his kids into senior positions without any form of work experience, political acumen and academic credentials King Mswati is plantings seeds of chaos. This would be forgivable had it not been for the fact that the king is setting a dangerous precedent that will plunge this country into a conflict that will sure scar this nation way after he is gone.

It was always never advisable to have his kids become soldiers for the future security of this country but to have them parachuted into senior positions in such a manner shows how out of touch the king is about the needs of this nation or public sentiments. He does not care anymore.

The recent appointments undermine the many professionals who have worked hard and deserve promotions and recognition. But not to the king!

Right now these children are controlling portfolios where, unless their political ambitions are castrated, they could very well harm him never mind the nation. We shudder to think what would happen were the king to die with both his sons senior soldiers and now amassing the necessary political clout.

As things stand as a country, we will be casualties of a conflict between factions of the royal family just like we were in the early 80’s after the death of Sobhuza. Our parents were reduced into spectators on a game they should have played.

But even more insulting is what has Lindani and Sicalo done to deserve such senior positions? What is the highest academic achievement they have? Why does the king think that he can do as he please in this country?


Inkhosikati Senteni Masango. The writer says she was treated unfairly and not given a burial deserving of a Queen

Who told king Mswati this is his personal fiefdom? Who lied to him that he has a country because in truth the nation has a king, not the other way round. We are not subjects in this country no matter how many times the king has been made to believe. We are citizens, we pay tax. To have a Monarchy is an honour our king must treasure. Many countries had kings but today they don’t.

We can logically assume that the King’s other children will also want a piece of the ever-shrinking cake. Can we afford to work hard only for the king’s children to have it that easy? What about many of us without jobs and opportunities?

The king must be reminded that we do not owe him anything. We have already given him the love he did not even deserve. We gave him our taxes and he used them to buy all the niceties the world can offer.

We gave him loyalty way beyond what is normal hence he constantly reminds us to give him peace… which must be understood as a code word for unquestionable loyalty. What has the king given to this nation except for an arrogant middle finger at our poverty and suffering?

Over the years we have watched him bend traditions and culture as and when it suits him. We have not forgotten how he treated the late Inkhosikati LaDube right up to her painful death.

The tears have not even dried on the suicide of Inkhosikati Senteni and how the king did not even honour her with a burial deserving of a queen.  

If the king can treat his own wives as he does, frustrate Inkhosikati Senteni to a point of suicide, bury his Queens like nonentities, parcel his children to petro dollar rich Arab friends for his own monetary gain and bully his own daughter into leaving a partner she loves or be angry she is pregnant then what of us?

The king does not care about anyone or anything. The king is about himself and no one else. Even his own members of the royal family are frustrated with him. He listens to no one. He excommunicates those who give him sound advice. He has a shocking sense of entitlement that we are his personal property.

We have watched in complete disgust as our university collapsed right before our eyes never mind the many chieftaincy disputes the king has fermented everywhere through placing his relatives on places they know they should not even be chiefs.

He has divided the army. He has driven well meaning business out of the country because he wants to double as a king and businessman. He wants everything and those cowards in parliament and cabinet are afraid of standing up to this bully.

Parliament is busy with phoney wars fighting between and among themselves when the real threat to the country’s security is King Mswati III.

King Mswati has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that he is beyond redemption. He does not care about this country or its future stability. He cares not about the brewing polarisation in the army and what it means for the future stability of this country.

He will be gone when the country erupts into conflict. Yet we Swazis sit and watch one man drag us all down. We ask parliament to stop being cowards and face what is the real problem in this country.

We ask our people to stop voting and participating in King Mswati’s staged elections because it has been proven that it has no power. We ask members of the royal family to stand up to the King no matter the consequences.

We call for inner patriotic spirit that will preserve this country for our children long after we are gone. If this country goes down it won’t be the progressives who will suffer the most but all of us.

We know King Sobhuza was wrong about this Tinkhundla system of government but we never doubted his loyalty to this country. He genuinely believed he was doing what was best for his nation. His patriotism can never be questioned. But this king will sell us to his Arab friends to the very indilinga we were told not to choose.

No amount of whining on social media and lamenting helplessly will change our situation. No outside help will save us. We are on our own. We are the ones we been waiting for.

Swazis, stop being cowards. Our collective future is at stake here. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Kind regards

Ulibambe Lingashoni Editorial


Editorial Comment


  1. Thank you for the beautifully written articles and being the last bastion of free speech. Your publication has sprung a new hope in my tired bones. Anyone who knows the history of suffocating dissenting voices in our country appreciates the risk you take each week to bring us these articles. From the bottom of my heart, thank you ningakhatsali nakusasa

  2. Well written, and agitating so utosibophisa tsine lesinekukwata kepha singasiwo emagwala cz we will think we can go n confront the enemy kusasa lokusako yet we need to confront the enemy as unity not through individualism.

  3. Its high time emaswdti stand up and face the situation at hand like the way they handled the eteni overhead bridge. Now bar owners have been turned intor worse poverty now the main cow that was feeding the nation with milk its adders have been cut that is eswatini beverages should it close down how many emaswati that will suffer .I rest my case before I say say something that I will regret.

  4. I also have noticed that amongst the kings many children, it looks like only three matter most. Scalo, Skhanyiso and Lindani. I’d like to see the many other princes and princesses getting high positions so that the feud can come to the boil quickly. In reality every prince or princess is going to fight for supremacy, that’s when we will watch the war of the blue bloods. Let them all come to power and start strangling each other. My pop corn and camp chair are ready for the spectacle.

  5. Real trouble will erupt during power transition as it’s a known fact that the royal houses will have differing opinions on who to take over from the current king. Putting his children in these high places mostly in forces is brewing factional wars which will cripple the whole country.He is not just selfish but also unwise, lacks vision.

  6. Swaziland is now same as a System of Geography, to Live an opulent n luxurious lifestyle U either have to be a Whale (royal family member) or Shark (royal family Trustee)….lets hope one day we’ll all open the eyes on the Back of our Heads, get up, stand up, fight n never give up the Fight…!!!

  7. Yes I get it and I agree, akuhambi kahle sekuhambe kakhulu. I am a member of the UEDF the then USDF and I was suspended in 1988/89 by the then Army Commander Fonono Dube. I joined the force in 1987/88 and my regiment is Ligwalagwala. I challenged Fonono to give the King an advice to appoint his Army Commander as per what I got from training. The reason being that there is no head of state who can do things right without his security and that is when you come to power you appoint your own Commander and in our case here the two commissioners of RSP and correctional. He never had a chance to do things right. Every body around him was there to badmouth other good people and scaring him. You can imagine at that early age that he was.The truth now he believes only to himself yet he can’t correct the pollution in himself. He lost the chance to get Gogo Dzeliwe and singeMaswati we were there but never defended him and now catching up with us as it did with Fonono eMacetjeni when Maguga instructed him to give him a backup of the whole camp of USDF.

  8. But it is part of resolution of Sibiya 2013, where a lot of EmaSwati lobbied that it was time for the King to rule with emazinyane. Bate batibutela kutsi lamazinyane langakhulu abanjwe yini? Coz of the dissatisfaction they have of the old age royal guards next to king who were enjoying such positions

  9. Thank you for the well articulated article, and waking us from our slumber… I regret the day we took to the streets as university students in support of this man for hin to become king, during the turbulence era of Liqoqo under the reign of Mfanasibili… This man has really turned the country upside down…
    It’s high time we all stand up to this man, enough is enough…

    1. They are the eldest of the lot. Their eyes are now open. The others are still focusing on the expensive stuff at their disposal. The other lot shouldnt get to that position for many reasons. If they do, there will be NO room to maneuver for swazis. Think about the corruption they will be carrying with them. Everyone of them will have their own influence individualy and NO consequences for any wrong doing. This is Zimbabwe in the making. Think about the Chinese bribing them to steal the country. Would they say NO? Swazis are in for a rough ride in this despicable Tinkhundla system. Think about all of these kids earning E200,000 a month. All 50 of them, E10,000,000 a month. Apart from the other bits, security, free expensive cars, many more. Mswati is solving his own problems by trying to give them higher positions, banganomketula. Mswati had a problem with both Sicalo and Lindani in the army. Only 1 could be an Army Commander. Thats why he came to this position of giving them these lucrative jobs to quell the infighting within his kids. Poor swazis are now waking up to this mess.

  10. Jean Jacques Rossaeau said:
    “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.”
    He would have considered “the rich” to be a group identical to “the aristocracy”, people with title to huge tracts of land who enjoyed royal patronage, including the King himself.
    One of the events that led to the French Revolution was a widespread famine in France. One of the things that contributed to the famine was that as the price of grain rose well above historic norms it became possible to hold back delivery of grain and see the price go up. Given this market, it was only a fool who would sell his grain – most people hoarded it. Of course, you could only afford to do this if you had other income to rely on. Most poor farmers had to sell their grain immediately after harvest to support themselves. The very wealthy would buy grain at the source and then not take it to market until the price rose several fold.
    The government of the day pretty much stood back and watched this happen. Modern economists have noted that in pluralistic democracies, famines don’t happen even when there is a substantial reduction in food supplies. Pre-Revolutionary France is a good example of why famines do happen. Rosseau was probably expressing a common frustration with the indifference of the powers that be and reminding them that the poor were unlikely to put up with this sort of situation indefinitely.

  11. Swazis have been quite for a very longtime and are just too scared to regroup and throw out this merciless regime.our kids are educated but suffering, they are loosing interest in education because it is obvious that there won’t be any chances of employment for them because if bo Sicalo already have more than ten kids who will be given jobs anywhere they want, what will become of our children? Truly speaking this is exactly Idi Amin style of leadership who conferred his 8 year old son with numerous degrees. Swazis stand up and fight no one will do it for you. The exiled Swazis are not doing enough but we now need a coup d’etat like yesterday.

  12. Yebekunene, this war is not just for us only, I’m sure a lot of members of the royal household are pissed to the core with such careless behavior. It is clear to all of us, our monarchy does not care about any body, let alone his relatives. I am sure this boys occupying senior positions, the king was forced by the wives to give in such positions. But we are about to get into internal squabbles that will leave this country back to Queen Elizabeth rule. It’s pity that a lot of people chose to protect their skins as if abatalanga. Bantfu besaba kufa kunekutsi batikhulumele, kuncono kufela liciniso, kunekuthula ngatsi ligundvwane libhace esontfweni. Enough is enough, laphela live licedvwa yindvodza yinye nje kuphela. Funa ati wekunene kutsi uyinkhosi yebantfu, hhayi yebantfwabakhe nebangani bakhe. Bantfu bayahlonishwa, bantfu bayesindza, bantfu ngeke ubacedze, bantfu badzingwa kuhlonishwa, hhayi kubatsela ngeludzaka emehlweni.

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