Here is a full list of Jan Sithole and SFTU’s 27 demands

As we continue to celebrate the life of labour union giant, Jan Sithole, we at Ulibambe Lingashoni decided to go back to remind you exactly what were the 27 demands that came to define and propel Sithole into a national hero. Many people today speak of 27 demands but have no idea what they were. Luckily you have us and we bring you all the demands.

The Demands wer eas follows:

1. Re-instatement clause in the Industrial Relations Act No. 4 of 1980 by an Extra Ordinary Gazette.

2. Removal of 6 months ceiling in compensation fro unfair dismissal by an Extra- Ordinary Gazette.

3. Recognition of May Day i. e 1st May as Workers Holiday by an Extra-Ordinary Gazette.

4. Tax Exemption of all terminal benefits e.g.
 Retrenchment Package
 Resignation Package
 Redundancy Package
 Pension Package
 Retirement and Early Retirement packages with retrospect from 1988 by an Extra Ordinary Gazette.

5. Withdrawal of forced resignation from those employees who got elected into Parliament.

6. Guarantee of no-victimization of journalists in exercising the journalism experience.

7. a. Conversion of the National Provident Fund to a Pension Scheme. b. Members contributors to SNPF to be able to borrow against their contributions as collateral or security.

8. Recognition of affirmative action localization to be gazetted forthwith.

9. Maternity leave should be paid

10. Refrain from molesting and brutalization of Vendors by City Council.

11. Prevention of contracting – out of services and dumping of locals and skilled employees in preference of unskilled expatriates.

12. Enactment of an instrument of law compelling employer to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there is an economic decline in their enterprises to the workers in good time before retrenchment can be involved.

13. Seasonal workers to accumulate and qualify for benefits such as pension, SNPF and all benefits available to other employees of the same enterprise.

14. Government to desist from increasing fuel price and other essential commodities without prior notification of the social partners and all other civil societies or establish an Economic Forum for such decisions.

15. There should be an introduction of a National Minimum Wages as opposed to the current discriminatory sectoral minimum wages divided through wages councils.
16. Establishment of a National Social Security Scheme to cater for orphans, widows, old aged and the unemployed.

17. Big companies and multi-national corporations such as Sappi-Usutu, Tate and Lyle managed Simunye Sugar Company, CDC and LONRHO managed Mhlume Sugar Company and Ubombo Ranches Limited and other transnational such as the textiles and other local companies must desist from all forms of discrimination ranging from sex, racial, social status, religion and creed.

i.) The same abovementioned multinational corporations and other local companies to invoke wage and salary reviews which they have never done or considered for locals since their establishment.

ii.) The same multinational companies and others to desist from contracting out of services at he expense of dumping the skilled local artisans and technicians, and to stop contracting out cleaning services to South African owned subcontractors and dumping citizens to the streets. And as such creating unemployment in Swaziland and importing unemployment from South Africa.

iii.) The same multinational corporation companies must desist from aggressively and deliberately victimizing and intimidating Union officials, Shopstewards and Union members indiscriminately.

iv.) That all multi-national corporations should adhere to affirmative action i.e locals should be seen to be trained, and locals should be seen to be taking over expatriate jobs.

v.) Multi-Nationals should stop job-creation for expatriates

vi.) That all expatriates should be qualified in the fields for which they claim they know.

18. Both Government and employers to desist from discriminating women in all forms.

19. All companies big or small must deposit 3 months security with the Labour Commissioner for payment of employees.

i.) Bus owners should be exempt from customs duty of purchase of a bus because they serve the national directly. Following that Government recognizes 5 years tax holiday fro other businesses.

ii.) Government should subsidize the purchase of spare parts for bus operators.

20. All Policemen and women alike should be properly housed with their families and should not be forced to share.

21. We demand that workers be involved in the Constitution forum.

22. We demand that Government should not increase taxes at all but cut luxurious spending.

23. We demand that all workers should have a right to strike including the current so called essential services.

24. We demand that there should be a Tripartite Employment Beaureu which will screen expatriates coming into the country their qualifications and experience versus local expertise.

25. Employers to train people outside Swaziland Technical Schools only if SCOT does not cover that curriculum.

26. We demand that the ILO Draft Legislation be re-tabled at the LAB Forum.

27. No to privatization of water services

Now tick just what we have been able to achieve as a country.

Long live the memory of our towering giant Jan Jabulani Sithole. See less

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